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ApprovalMax and Logiframe

With ApprovalMax, your business document approval process becomes more efficient and on-time, so you can gain better control over your financial and operational processes.

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The Advantage of Using ApprovalMax

Approval Automation
Approval Automation

Automate approvals based on workflows and define the types of documents to be approved.

Audit Trails and Reports
Audit Trails and Reports

Generated automatically for the documents processed and also stored in the product.

Bill Processing
Bill processing

Replaces paper or email-based manual approvals of bills.

Purchase Order Management
Purchase Order management

Create, approve and send Purchase Orders to suppliers using ApprovalMax.

Goods Received
Goods Received Note

Control and track physical goods delivery more easily and efficiently.

Price checker
Price Checker

Detects potential price deviations for each item based on purchase orders or bills.

budget checking
Budget Checking

Ensuring the organization
does not spend more money than it wants to.

Bill to PO Matching
Bill-to-PO Matching

Matching invoices to approved Purchase Orders with the same supplier and cost amount.

Mobile Approval
Mobile Approvals

Approvals can be done anytime and anywhere instantly via mobile phone


Key Benefits

Secure Data Protection

Protect data according to the decision maker who can only view information relevant to the document that needs to be approved.

Flexible Approval Workflows

Make the workflow and decision-making procedures for each step approval that complex to be more flexible.

Automatically Generated Audit Reports

Audit reports are created automatically for every document accepted by the decision-maker.

ApprovalMax and Industry

Technology Startups

Cash Flow Approval and Forecasting

Obtain high-quality accounting data for cash flow forecasts without spending time on approvals and chasing late documents.

Eliminate Manual Approvals and Errors

Automate approvals, ensure bills match purchase orders, and speed up invoice approvals.

Centralize Approvals and Keep Them in One Place

Store all approvals in the cloud, making it easy to track and manage accounts payable.

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