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Dear Systems and Logiframe

With powerful inventory management and efficient integrated supply chain, you can monitor and control every aspect of your operational business.

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The Advantage of Using Dear Systems

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Automatically add inventory details and return real-time inventory insight.


Bring financial reporting to understand business performance and simplify COG calculations.

B2B Portal
B2B Portal

Ease the buyers to browse customer catalogs, place orders and manage delivery timelines.


Manage the purchasing process and visualize every supplier relationship to see order history, payments, and others.


Simplify tracking of every order across every sales channel from a dashboard containing fulfillment locations, shipping costs, repeat purchases and others.

bill of materials
Bill of Materials

Create and maintain accurate BOMs for full visibility into manufacturing efficiency and get tracking of raw materials, labor and costs.


Publish real-time product listings across every storefront and e-commerce platform, maximize sales, and eliminate stockouts.

Point of Sales
Point of Sales

Help customers shop however they prefer, including built-in click and collect, ship from store, and showroom functionality.

Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing

Streamline every element of the production process, from the shop floors and work centers to materials and labor.

Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

Manage the warehouse with shipping operations for receiving, processing, and fulfilling orders seamlessly.

job costing
Job Costing

Track costs from components to products, inventory, and labor to set pricing that protects margins and get the job cost material report.


Set up automated notifications, tasks, reports and workflows, to save time and labor on every inventory and accounting process.

B2B payment solution
B2B Payment Solution

Wholesale customers can view and pay invoices for their completed orders.


Key Benefits

Accurate Stock Control

Efficient inventory management helps businesses avoid high inventory costs and reduce the risk of obsolete inventory.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Purchasing and inventory management processes are well integrated, enabling better planning and more efficient supply chain management.

Streamlined Inventory Management

Makes it easy for businesses with warehouses or branches in various locations to manage inventory and group similar products.

DEAR Systems and Industry

Tech Startups


Software Product or License Sales Management
Assist in sales management, inventory tracking, and software license management.

Stock Availability and Delivery Tracking
Assists in tracking stock availability and product delivery to customers.

Component and Resource Purchase Management
Record and manage purchase orders for specialized components or resources and ensure the availability of required items.

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