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bookkeeping serviceWhat is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping involves the recording, storing and retrieving of financial transactions for a company or individuals. Common financial transactions and tasks that are involved in bookkeeping include:

  • Billing for goods sold or services provided to clients.
  • Recording receipts from customers.
  • Verifying and recording invoices from suppliers.
  • Paying suppliers.
  • Processing employees’ pay and the related governmental reports.
  • Monitoring individual accounts receivable.
  • Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries.
  • Providing financial reports.

Why do I need Bookkeeping?

Why companies should use virtual bookkeeping services over an in-house accountant?

  • We’re usually 40% of the cost.
  • We have up-to-date tools and software.
  • We offer a unique profit-coaching program.
  • We’re dedicated to getting your firm out of debt and profitable by 10% or more.

What is the product of Bookkeeping?

  • Monthly balance sheet
  • Monthly profit and loss
  • Monthly cash flows
  • Monthly tax reports

Logiframe Bookkeeping Process

How do we get our documents to Logiframe?

There are three different ways to send information to your online bookkeeper. You can use Dropbox, Google Docs, and email. It’s easier than you think.

How long does it take to set up accounting services online?

Depending on the condition of your books, it could take as little as two weeks to set up your bookkeeping services online. During this setup phase, we will help you maintain your current accounting tasks as well.

How do I access my accounting software?

In most cases, we will host your accounting software with Xero accounting software so that you can access it over the Internet.

Are there setup fees?

Yes, there is a setup fees for the service, and if your book are messy when you start with Logiframe’s online bookkeeping service, we can help you update them for another one-time fee. We’ve helped a lot of businesses clean up their books and will do the same for you.

Where are you based?

We service the entire Indonesia and are based in Jakarta.

Do you have further questions about bookkeeping service? Contact us to get in touch with Logiframe consultants.

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