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Enterprise Technology Solutions Services

Logiframe provides you professional enterprise technology solutions or IT solution services that can assist you to create ERP system, asset management, cash register, and many more with the following excellence:

  • Professional consultant with more than 30 years of experience
  • Provides reports accurately
  • 24/7 team ready to help and solve your problems
  • More than 100 clients we have served, from small, medium, to large companies

Logiframe powers digital transformation through business process, operation services and technology solutions designed to deliver value creation and as an engine for business growth. We bring technology and automation to bear on the processes, which will allow transactions to be more efficient, but also more accurate.


We are here to understand what your needs are. So there is a lot of listening involved and it’s really about how does Logiframe become that trusted advisor on the go-forward.

We are partners with world-leading enterprise applications, infrastructure, and databases:

  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Xero
  • Vend
  • Unleashed

Logiframe is pushing the envelope on innovation and automation through embedding analytics and expanding enterprise technology solutions or IT solution for companies, with example as the following:

  • Implementation and integration of enterprise applications.
  • Technology performance improvement.
  • IT architecture and infrastructure solutions.
  • Business continuity and recovery solutions.

Logiframe as IT Solution helps global clients with ourteam in Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. Contact us for free consultation on technology solutions tailored for your company.

Our Other Services

Our services with and accurate report result and always ready 24/7 for you

Our Partners

We have world-leading Partners who can provide solutions for you

Oracle NetSuite


XERO - Add On

Our Clients

More than 100 clients we have served, from small, medium, to large companies

Client Testimonials

3. Steve

"We are excited to work with Logiframe teams over the past few years. They have really helped the accounting process save our time and resources"

Steve, Direktur, SES

4. Nurdiana

"Partnering with Logiframe gives us many benefits especially in financial matters. Logiframe employees encourage us to be more disciplined and committed to the report as part of our responsibilities. We feel very helpful. Thank you very much."

Nurdiana, Yayasan Peduli Anak


“Logiframe really helps us in implementing NAV ERP and gives us the best solution for every problem.”

Sinar Hidayat, PT Benzine Indonesia Perkasa

2.-Satrio 1

“Really great! Logiframe helps us to create custom reports directly from the NAV ERP that are useful for management as well as provide some of our most needed reports. Thanks Logiframe for making our ERP more flexible and easy to use! ”

Satrio, IT Manager Mandiri Graha Persada

5. Gary

"Mr. Win and the team have been an invaluable part of our start-up operation. They are always available and have the best interest in our minds."

Gary, Tees


“Very helpful and professional. The "hassle-free" solution for our accounting and taxes. I wish I had used Logiframe before, even since the company was founded."

Jennifer, Wisesa

7.-Rianne-e1524927780324 1

“With accurate communication, details, and accurate work methods, Logiframe has helped remotely mobilize Myanmar to handle all our financial reporting. I would recommend anyone to work with them. ”

Rianne Roggema, Managing Director, Carmudi Myanmar

8. Cowan Finch

“We have been entrusting Logiframe to do all our accounting and taxes since May 2015. The Logiframe team is highly professional and reliable.”

Cowan Finch, Chief Operation Officer, Synergy Efficiency Solution

Our Team

Consultants who have decades combined of experience in their fields



Founding and Managing Partner






Senior Project Manager



Service Delivery Manager



Service Delivery Manager



Service Delivery Manager