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Finance Digital Transformation

finance digital transformationWhat is Finance Digital Transformation?

Logiframe partners with leading technologies in accounting and ERP from Xero and Microsoft, respectively to help clients in need of Finance Digital Transformation. Let us know how we can help if this is your situation:

  • Your accounting and financial reporting is not running LIVE
  • Your organization struggles to generate timely reports out of transactions
  • You have limited finance function to do business analytics on-time to analyze hundreds and thousands of transactions
  • Group reporting and consolidation process is not organized and not reported timely
  • Investors are requiring your company to prepare a comprehensive financial reporting for your business

Why do I need Finance Digital Transformation?

As companies continually growing in number of transactions, adding new business processes and complexity, the use of these technologies other than reducing response time for business intelligence and analytics is for timely and valuable management reporting. These technologies have been the core engine to stay leading in competition. Logiframe provides Accounting Advisory Services works side-by-side with Technology Implementation and Enhancement Services.

What is the product of Finance Digital Transformation?

Logiframe has the knowledge and technical expertise to assist organizations like you that require high quality coordinated services between accounting and technology to deliver high quality financial reporting.

Logiframe provides the following services to help you at the intersection of business and technology:

  • Finance and accounting functional support
  • Accounting standard convergence application
  • Accounting advisory for customized-structured and complex enterprise technology setup and accounting data migration
  • Finance and accounting technology performance improvements

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