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Internal Audit

internal auditWhat is Internal Audit?

Internal audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations and internal controls. Internal audit also implied to these situations:

  • You notify a fraudulent act in part of your division/subsidiary which its financial implication will be significant
  • Your internal control need to be reviewed and test over its effectiveness towards financial reporting
  • You would like to have a co-sourcing partner specialized in accounting co-running with your internal audit function

Why do I need Internal Audit?

Internal audit has one important agenda, that is maintaining internal control running properly throughout business processes. Implementing internal control may not be as robust as required, especially in a fast running business. Logiframe helps companies to investigate on these not notified discrepancies along the life of the business operations.

There are an increasing number of risks facing businesses from many areas of operation. If poorly managed, any of these risks could results in fraud and lost trust between company and its stakeholders. Logiframe team acts independently and report directly to company top management.

What is the product of Internal Audit?

Product of Internal Audit is a management internal control report. Logiframe deploys professional experience in financial auditing, financial accounting, and internal control assessments. It can provide you with the ability to tap into specific skill sets in identifying risk in financial reporting.

Logiframe provides the following services for audit management:

  • Perform audit with specific objectives outlined from top management
  • Co-sourcing with your internal audit function to test effectiveness over internal control to financial reporting
  • Co-sourcing with your internal audit function as accounting specialist or on accounting compliance monitoring

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