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Customer Relationship Management

To be truly beneficial to the organisation, CRM is best approached as a whole of business strategy enabled by technology – rather than as a piece of software – where user-adoption is key to success.

As both a business process and technology consultant, Logiframe is known for its ability to provide clients with innovative CRM solutions based on technology from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our professional and structure methodologies allow Logiframe to design and implement CRM projects with well defined goals, high user-adoption rates and faster time-to-benefit.

Today’s consumers want faster, more consistent and more personalized experiences across channels and devices.

To compete, you must be prepared to engage these customers—anytime, anywhere—with buyer-relevant communications that satisfy their needs and set you apart from the competition.

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system should enable you to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes. You want to make smart and informed decisions while providing great service. At Logiframe, we understand the importance of the contact database that you’ve built up over the years, and the timeliness of having the implementation project up and running as soon as possible.

Our CRM implementations ensure:

  • Efficient, optimal use of technology with proven best practices
  • A professionally installed, configured, and fine-tuned solution
  • A single partner accountable for all aspects of your technology, implementation, and support

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