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Retail/Point of Sales

Having the ability to make rapid and decisive decisions based on real-time information is crucial for any retailer wanting to remain competitive and drive up customer centricity.

Logiframe uses world class modern Retail / Point of Sale (POS) software technologies. Solutions integrated between Microsoft Dynamics and Logiframe Retail Solutions provide small, mid-sized, large and enterprise level retailers the necessary tools to achieve their goals today and as they grow into the future.

In the competitive retail industry, Logiframe knows merchants need point of sale (POS) systems that helps them meet customer expectations for fast, efficient, accurate service. Our retail POS systems have the computing power to support today’s POS software and business applications, and they accommodate a range of peripherals to suit your business’ unique requirements and your brand.

Your POS software can help you architect great customer experiences and collect valuable data to help you improve and grow your business.

Retail is experiencing a time of rapid change, and Logiframe understands you need solutions that can scale with your changing business and customer demand. Logiframe has designed its retail POS solutions to meet these needs and more, helping you to maintain a sharp competitive edge and a healthy bottom line.

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