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timesheet job costingLogiframe Timesheet and Job Costing Solution suits businesses of any size: easy and user-friendly, but powerful enough to provide business owners & managers with all the data necessary for successful decision-making.

You will track time with pleasure when you do it with Logiframe Timesheet and Job Costing Solution. A nice-looking and user-friendly interface with a weekly timesheet allows you to enter time and add comments quickly.

Logiframe Timesheet and Job Costing Solution is a flexible, easy-to-use time tracker filled with innovative tools to help you maximize your most valuable resource: time. Whether your employees sit in an office, work in a warehouse, travel between job sites, or spend the day on the road, there’s a simple time tracking solution just for you.

We will help you with internal calculations, such as the cost of work performed by each employee. Simply define hourly cost of work rates for regular working hours, overtime and leave time and review cost values in the Cost of Work Report. Contact us for free trial.

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