September 7, 2017 / by admin

Xero add on-is a Xero connected application provided by third party.

Xero Add-On

We have partnered with these success proof applications from POS, inventory management, business intelligent to optical reader. We commit to provide flawless integration between Xero and these applications.

How it connect with XERO?

Vend and Xero seamlessly integrate to create a world-class, total retail software solution. Daily sales and payment totals, cash movements, stock orders, cost-of-goods sold and contacts flow easily between the two systems. You can even sync account sales that haven’t been paid yet and Xero automatically updates when the customer has paid.

Vend supercharges your Xero reports giving you visibility into how your business is truly performing and your real-time profit and loss. Spend less time wrestling with spreadsheets and admin and more time with your customers.

Unleashed is a powerful inventory solution for manufacturers, wholesales, distributors and eCommerce retailers. Customers in industries as diverse as food manufacturing and sports equipment retail use Unleashed. We provide essential inventory information to help users make the right decisions with confidence.

Fathom integrates with Xero, transforming your financial data into beautiful reports and timely business insights. These insights help to track profit, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs). For groups of companies, Fathom also assists with consolidations and benchmarking.

Receipt Bank seamlessly integrates with Xero to provide a near real-time view of your accounts. Receipt Bank’s software extracts the information from your invoices and receipts and publishes it directly into Xero.

Receipt Bank helps small to medium-sized businesses, sole traders, and individuals save valuable hours by pulling information from receipts and invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

WorkflowMax offers you a complete, cloud based solution to manage projects and jobs based on time charged. Push sales invoices to Xero. When you create a sales invoice in WorkflowMax, it is automatically pushed into Xero. Get payment confirmation back into WorkflowMax. Once an invoice has been reconciled in Xero, its marked off as paid in WorkflowMax – giving you an accurate picture of profitability per job.

Stripe makes it simple for businesses using Xero to accept credit or debit card payments from their customers.

Stripe processes all transactions for you. Once your Stripe account is integrated with Xero, you can accept payments immediately. Funds are added to your bank account on a seven-day rolling basis. A two-day transfer may be possible after your first transfer – you can set the frequency of the transfers in the Transfers tab of your Stripe dashboard. From there, you can also view all transfers from Stripe to your bank account.