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Fathom and Logiframe

Quickly and accurately create consolidated financial statements and gain deeper insights into your company's financial performance for better decision-making.

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The Advantage of Using Fathom


Understand the impact of change on key business drivers through tracking profitability, cash flow, KPIs and other analytics.


Create useful management reports with complete design flexibility and control, and automate the scheduling of the timely creation and issuance of management reports.


Create cash flow forecasts and budgets based on key operational drivers, instantly see the impact on business cash flow, and track plans versus actuals in management reports.


Adjust the consolidated Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet layouts and apply intercompany eliminations to see the true position of the business.


Automatically deliver regular personalized reports and rank the performance of each business and keep all stakeholders up-to-date on their most important business metrics.


Key Benefits

Consolidation Efficiency

Simplify the consolidation process by integrating financial data from multiple sources and automating calculations.

Deeper Analysis

Perform more in-depth analysis of consolidated data, including performance comparisons between subsidiaries, forecasting, and the calculation of important financial ratios.

Improved Performance Monitoring

Monitor the company's financial performance in real-time, enabling faster decision-making and more accurate information.

Fathom and Industry

Technology Startups

Interactive Financial Analysis

Interactive financial analysis tools are available that allow tech startups to explore and analyze financial data in a way that is easy to understand.

Financial Forecasting and Planning

To help tech startups plan for growth and manage their finances, Fathom provides financial forecasting and planning tools.

Project Expenses and Cost Analysis

In the context that tech startups often require investment in research and development, Fathom can assist in analyzing project expenses and costs in detail.

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