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Financial Technology


The current technology has changed many aspects of our lives, and one of them is the financial sector. Fintech or Financial Technology, is an industry that utilizes innovation and technology to bring revolutionary solutions to the world of finance. Fintech aims to improve various financial services, such as digital payments, online lending, and investment.

FinTech brings convenience, efficiency, and cost savings to consumers. While FinTech has automated a lot of financial processes, one element that remains important is accounting service. In the midst of the growing FinTech industry, Logiframe is here as your financial accounting partner that will help you solve all the accounting needs that your team requires.

With Logiframe’s support, your company will be able to operate efficiently, comply with regulations, have access to accurate financial information, and make easier decisions, so you can focus on the growth and success of your company.

How We Can Help You?

Accounting and Finance Operations

The financial aspect of financial technology is crucial and regulated by financial authorities, so it must comply with applicable financial regulations. Accounting services can help Fintech companies run their operations properly and meet regulations.

Tax and Finance Operations

The various types of taxes that exist in each Financial Technology service and the lack of guidance on tax regulations cause uncertainty in the calculation of the amount of tax, resulting in the emergence of tax problems that have become commonplace. Our team can assist you in following the applicable tax regulations.

Payroll Operations

With the rapid growth of the Financial Technology industry, the need for labor is increasing. Therefore, Fintech companies need professional payroll services to efficiently manage salaries. Our team is ready to assist you with all aspects of payroll and human resource administration for your business.

Financial Accounting Consolidation and Reporting

Financial Technology businesses often attract investors and shareholders. Our team will assist you in creating consolidated financial statements to provide a high level of transparency about the company's financial performance to stakeholders.

Treasury Operations

FinTech companies usually provide financial services, such as online payments, loans, investments, or others. Our team will help you ensure that your business has enough liquidity to process all transactions and fulfill your financial obligations and other financial needs.

Accounting Software Implementation

The large number of transactions generated daily in Financial Technology businesses leads to bookkeeping errors and audit issues. Our team will help you overcome these problems through the implementation of accounting software that can assist in recording all transactions and reporting accurately and efficiently.

ERP System Implementation

The growth of the Financial Technology business causes more transactions  and new needs, so companies must have software that can accommodate a variety of needs. Our team can help you implement an ERP system with higher capabilities in handling increasing transactions and customize according to your needs.

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