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Industrial and Products


Companies engaged in Industry and Products cover various sectors that make and sell machinery, equipment, and supplies that are used to produce other goods rather than sold directly to consumers. These sectors include manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food processing, and others. The income generated is often stable in the long term as demand continues to grow. However, in general, for any business, there are various obstacles. These constraints can take many forms, such as controlling inventory up to constraints in inventory management and rent with maintenance expenses.


Don't let these obstacles burden you! Logiframe is here as a consulting firm that will help you solve each obstacle one by one. Our team is ready to fulfill your needs and help your business achieve its financial and operational goals. Our team is always willing to help you every step of the way.

How We Can Help You?

Accounting and Finance Operations

Industrial and product businesses often involve the production of physical goods and have diverse operations, making the calculation of product costs even more complicated. Our team will help you manage the financial transaction process in your company's daily life.

Tax and Finance Operations

Industries and Products often face issues of changing tax regulations, taxation of international operations, monitoring of regulatory changes and optimization of tax structures. Our team will assist you in overcoming tax issues, so that your business can meet applicable tax regulations.

Payroll Operations

The large number of employees working in Industrial and Product fields poses challenges in processing complex payroll and employment-related tax regulations. Our team will help you solve the problems of managing payroll, tax withholding, labor compliance, and employee data management efficiently.

Financial Accounting Consolidation and Reporting

Industrial and Products companies often have multiple business units operating in different regions. In making strategic decisions, our team will help you through the consolidation process by combining the financial statements of each business unit into a single entity.

Treasury Operations

Industrial and Products companies usually have high liquidity needs, especially in terms of daily operating costs and raw material purchases. Our team will help you manage your company's cash funds to prevent shortages.

Accounting Software Implementation

Financial issues in Industrial and Products involve complex cost management, extensive transaction monitoring, and the need to produce accurate financial reports. Our team will help you to handle these problems through Accounting Software that can manage finances efficiently.

ERP System Implementation

Financial issues in industry and products include complex cost management, variable inventory, extensive operations, and business process integration. ERP is required to integrate, automate, and improve operational efficiency. With guidance from our team, you can implement ERP in your company.

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