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Precoro and Logiframe

Increase efficiency and transparency in the procurement process, manage supplies and monitor expenses by using procurement software.

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The Advantage of Using Precoro


Easily create, collect, and manage any purchasing requests, request for proposal, warehouse, invoice payment, reimbursement and new vendor.


Customize the purchasing workflow with the number of steps required for the most appropriate routing.


Manage purchases, expenses, payments, stock, and automate document generation and 3-way matching to fulfill employee needs in a timely manner.


Plan, control, automate company operations and expenses, and improve cash flow transparency.


Key Benefits

Procurement Efficiency

Automate most of the procurement process, from shopping requisition submission, approval, vendor selection, and purchasing.

Improved Stock Management

Avoid unnecessary accumulation of items and ensure availability of required items.

Accurate Recording and Reporting

Maintain neat and accurate records of all procurement transactions for tax, audit, and internal reporting purposes.

Precoro and Industry

Tech Startups


Requesting Power for All Employees

Easily invite hundreds of requesters to Precoro and manage them securely.

Flexible Approval Workflows

Minimize delays in payments and expenses by establishing dedicated approval routes.

Budget Compliance and Automated Reporting

Easily manage budgets and create expense reports in real time, so no more mismatched records or broken audit trails.

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