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Property and Constructions


Property and construction companies are companies that focus on building, developing, and managing physical properties, ranging from houses to grand office buildings and infrastructure. This industry is a business domain that continues to grow rapidly and is full of potential, as the need for space and buildings continues to soar year to year. In the construction business, contractors can gain experience and skills in managing construction projects.


In contrast, the property business can offer a long-term investment that continues to increase in value every year. However, in this competitive environment, there are internal challenges that must be overcome, such as financial management that requires a strong structure and the need for capital for large projects. Financial management in this industry also has special needs, such as close monitoring of asset depreciation, management of significant construction materials, compliance with complex tax and legal regulations, and regular internal audits and financial analysis.

However, you don't have to worry about all these needs. Logiframe, as a financial consultant, is ready to help you fulfill all your business needs. With our help, your business can continue to grow and thrive. Our team is always ready to provide assistance in every step you need.

How We Can Help You?

Accounting and Finance Operations

Financial issues in the property and construction business, such as complicated cost management, complex project planning, and material inventory monitoring, cause monthly financial reports to be neglected. Our team will help you to overcome the problems related to accurate accounting processing.

Tax and Finance Operations

Compliance with strict tax regulations in property and construction business transactions and property tax issues means that experts with tax knowledge are needed. Our team will help manage your business tax obligations efficiently in accordance with applicable regulations.

Payroll Operations

Part of the problem in the property and construction industry is the complex processing of salaries for different types of work, project contracts, and different tax calculations and deductions. Our team will assist you in accurate salary processing and complying with labor regulations.

Financial Accounting Consolidation and Reporting

Property and construction companies usually have a complex portfolio of building projects. Our team will help you combine financial information from different types of properties into one consolidated report that shows the entire performance of your business.

Treasury Operations

Liquidity management and financial risk management are important as the property and construction business grows. Our team will assist you in meeting these challenges by managing your company's cash to meet day-to-day operating costs and other obligations.

Accounting Software Implementation

The number of projects received as the Property and Construction industry grows will increase. In addition, various project needs require many more complex applications. Our team will help you to save costs by simply implementing ERP, so that all your problems can be covered in 1 application.

ERP System Implementation

Cost management and financial statement preparation are getting more complicated as more projects are undertaken. Using an Accounting Software can help automate the accounting process more efficiently. Our team can assist you in implementing such solutions.

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