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Services and Individual Owners


Companies engaged in this field can play a role in helping people with their daily activities, such as salon, cafe, laundry, clinic, restaurant, and others. The demand for various services continues to increase as social trends, technology, and consumer needs change. The high quality of service and its orientation toward customers can produce high customer satisfaction, which in turn results in positive ratings, referrals, and organic business growth.

Not only that, companies in this sector must also monitor their financial records to avoid financial risks. But you don't have to go through the hassle of managing financial records or setting up an in-house administration team to handle it. Logiframe is here as a consulting firm that will help you solve all your financial record-keeping problems, so you can fully focus on providing quality services to your customers. Our team is always ready to assist you with every need you require.

How We Can Help You?

Accounting and Finance Operations

Business owners focus on managing their operations and business development, causing problems with financial statements and cash management that can affect business growth. Our team will assist you in addressing these issues through our accounting services.

Tax and Finance Operations

Lots of business owners don’t follow tax regulations due to issues in the service sector and individual owners, such as complicated tax regulations, sales tax processing, and strict tax regulation compliance. Our team will help you ensure proper fulfillment of tax regulations.

Payroll Operations

Services and Individual Owners businesses have limited salary management resources, resulting in overwork for their employees. As a result, they cannot focus on the core operations of the company. Our team will assist in managing your employees' salaries to labor administration.

Financial Accounting Consolidation and Reporting

Businesses engaged in services and individual owners need to monitor the financial performance of their businesses to ensure profitability and business continuity. Our team will assist you through the creation of consolidated financial statements to support efficient financial management and meet the needs of business owners.

Treasury Operations

Business Services and Individual Owners often experience the problem of fluctuations in cash flow caused by payments from customers that are not always regular. To ensure that all obligations and operational costs can be met and maintain financial stability, our team will help you manage your company's cash.

Accounting Software Implementation

In the field of Services and Individual Owners are not only required to fulfill every customer's needs and desires, but the aspects that support the success of the business must also run well. Our team will help you increase efficiency and ease in managing the various aspects needed through the implementation of an ERP system in your business.

ERP System Implementation

Recording transactions and complex financial calculations pose a risk of errors in financial reports in Services and Individual Owners businesses. Our team will help you overcome this complexity by implementing Accounting Software in your business.

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