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Tech Startups


In the new era of digital, technology startups have become a major focus for driving change and innovation, transforming our lifestyle, working methods, and the way we interact. Startups in this field are identical in their ability to design and develop innovative solutions through the development of software, hardware, and other services capable of solving various global challenges.

Going forward, the startup will continue to bring solutions that can change the way we live our daily lives, do business, and bring inspiration to new generations. While there is a lot of potential in building a tech startup, there are often major obstacles faced, such as capital and human resource issues.

You don’t need to worry about these problems. As a consulting firm, Logiframe is ready to help you solve the obstacles that you will face and fulfill your business needs so that your business can keep growing. Our team is always ready to provide assistance with whatever you need.

How We Can Help You?

Accounting and Finance Operations

Most Tech Startups have problems with capital and human resources, Tech Startups prefer experts in the field of programs to grow their businesses. Our team will assist you in managing your company's daily accounting and finance to run smoothly.

Tax and Finance Operations

Taxes are one of the things that must be complied with by Tech Startups. Many types of taxes that are simply complex in Tech Startups and difficult to understand cause various problems, such as sanctions, fines, or laws of risk that are simply serious. Our team will guide you to minimize the tax risk that will occur.

Payroll Operations

​As time goes on, the number of employees in Tech Startups continues to increase, which will result in an overwhelming process of managing the salary payment process. Our team is ready to assist you with all aspects of payroll for your business.

Financial Accounting Consolidation and Reporting

With the development of startup technology, it is possible to have a complex corporate structure and multiple business units in the future. Our team will assist you in consolidating all the financial statements of each entity in the group company so that you can make the right decisions.

Treasury Operations

Tech Startups often experience cash flow fluctuations as they grow. With the help of our team, you can ensure that the fees available are sufficient to run daily operations and deal with urgent needs.

Accounting Software Implementation

Technology Startups are growing, so more transaction data needs to be recorded. Calculation errors caused by human error often occur if there is no financial recording system. Accounting software can help companies manage finances more efficiently and productively. Our team will help you implement accounting software for your business.

ERP System Implementation

Many new requirements required software, and many transactions could no longer be recorded in a simple accounting program. As a result, subscriptions to various software become costly. ERP can help technology startups handle their needs with a variety of customizable modules. Our team will help you implement the ERP system.

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