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Unleashed and Logiframe

Manage and track business inventory efficiently and increase accurate orders with an inventory management system based in the cloud.

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The Advantage of Using Unleashed


Easy to create bulk purchase orders instantly, accurate margin calculations, support for purchase orders for production, tracking supplier discounts, on-demand purchasing, and comprehensive supplier management.


Manage auto-assembled products, create multi-level Bills of Materials, facilitate MRP purchasing for production planning, handle easy disassembly, provide batch and serial tracking, and capture detailed production costs for precise profit margin analysis.


Create flexible product management and easy stock calculation and synchronize with platforms such as e-commerce and CRM.


Streamline and improve the efficiency of sales and ordering processes while offering flexibility, control and accuracy for businesses.


Key Benefits

Real-Time Stock Management

Calculate stock quickly and keep stock levels lean, regardless of the number of products and warehouses managed.

Buy and Sell at
Scale with Ease

Avoid stock-outs, increase sales orders in seconds, master margins, and control stock across the global supply chain by using sophisticated pricing strategies.

Suitable for manufacturers

Make complex manufacturing processes transparent, see precise production costs, and maintain healthy margins.

Unleashed and Industry

Technology Startups

Software and Hardware Inventory Management

Assists in tracking required software and hardware inventory, including custom software and hardware licenses.

Material Usage Tracking

Minimizing wastage and ensuring efficiency, Unleashed can be used for material usage tracking in the development and production process.

Product or License Sales Management

Management of physical product sales or software licenses, involving transaction recording, inventory tracking, and license management.

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