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WorkflowMax and Logiframe

With the cloud project management tool, you can manage your assignments remotely. Do it all in one place, from anywhere - quoting, scheduling, time tracking, invoicing and reporting. Take advantage of having more control over your workforce.

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The Advantage of Using WorkflowMax

job management
Job Management

Allocate staff to tasks, give them a checklist of to-dos, and assign start and finish dates for every task on those jobs.

lead management
Lead Management

Easily track every step of your leads, proposals, and view sales team activities that drive new business development.

document management
Document Management

Automate the process of storing emails and documents to facilitate team collaboration.


Generate a quote using job templates and customize it however needed.

time tracking
Time Tracking

Track employee time on projects from the daily or weekly timesheet with ease.

xero integration
Xero Integration

Integrating with Xero can maximize your business performance.

performance report
Performance Report

Helps activities work smarter and gain insights into productivity, performance, workflow and profitability.

custom fields
Custom Fields

Can customize fields on quotes, invoices, reports and others as desired.

Job Costing and Profitability Report
Job Costing and Profitability Report

Ease in understanding where profits are to be earned and potentially lost through the financial summary report.


Key Benefits

Streamlined Project Management

Project teams can organize tasks, time, and resources more effectively.

Scheduling and Task Assignment

Easily manage project schedules by setting deadlines and assigning tasks to team members.

Time and Cost Tracking

Track time spent by teams on projects and determine project costs more accurately.

WorkflowMax and Industry

Technology Startups

Time and Cost Monitoring

Track the time and cost spent on software development projects and manage the associated costs.

Software Development Project Management

Assist in software development project management with scheduling, resource allocation, and project progress tracking features.

Project Bidding and Estimating

Supports the rapid creation of project bids and estimates, providing flexibility in managing software development projects.

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